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Lucky Institute Developed Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Principle Device
Date:2010-09-02 Source:Lucky News Propaganda Center
    Gratifying results were achieved in the development of principle device by tracing and pre-researching Dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC) technologies with the effort of thin film cell Development team of Lucky R&D Institute.

  DSSC is a third generation solar cell and has a broad prospects for development , which provides a number of advantages including green environment protection、low-price、the simple processing. DSSC is composed of three major parts of a dye-attached semiconductor anode、an electrolyte and a counter electrode.

  Large area DSSC device is fabricated through Continuous optimization of formula and process of nanocrystalline   semiconductor coating, studying technique of preparation of platinum counter electrode and sensitizing dye adsorbing characteristic, exploring the process of the attended mode of series-connected and parallel-connected. The DSSC device can drive the fan rotate and LED lamp shine with sunlight and fluorescence at room, the research result indicates that the research & development personnel have mastered design and assembly technique about DSSC principle device.

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