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Lucky Film Company Limited Opens WeChat Official Account---“Luckyprt”
Date:2014-03-25 Source:Lucky Publicity Center
Lucky Film Company Limited registered in the TECENT WeChat Platform and opened WeChat official account named as “Luckyprt” on February 26th, 2014.
Based on the development of Internet and information technology, Lucky Film opens this service to realize a more direct and easier communication with customers. Taking use of online service and instant communication, together with micro blog ---http://weibo.com/yinyanhuace, “Luckyprt” will be an important tool in the shaping of Lucky Film’s brand image. Besides ordinary marketing activities, the two online services will become e-commerce platform for the imaging products of Lucky Film.
The mission of “Luckyprt” is to construct consumption atmosphere for imaging products, to extend output platform, to provide support and service for shutterbugs and image processing customers, to resolve technical and knowledgeable problems for customers, to popularize the consumption of imaging products in the daily life, and to satisfy customers’ pursuance for high-quality image. Thus Lucky Film can build a leading position in imaging information field comprehensively, enhance corporate visibility, and expand space for the corporate development.
Ways to follow “Luckyprt”:
1. Log in WeChat -- “DISCOVER” -- “Scan QR Code” -- Scan the following QR code.
2. Log in WeChat -- “Add Contacts” -- “Official Accounts” -- Input “乐凯冲印” or “luckyprt” and then “Search”.
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