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Facing the severe and complicated market situation, China Lucky expanded the market, upgraded the key products, promoted the optimal allocation of resources, grasped quality improvement project in the year 2015. After a year of unremitting efforts, “ensuring growth, expanding market” has made remarkable achievements. Three businesses bucked the trend. Revenues broke 5 billion RMB and the total profit increased by more than 40%. We achieved the yearly targets perfectly. With expanding the market and ensuring the growth, three business segments (Graphic imaging materials, high-performance film materials, image information materials) lay a solid foundation for the company’s business development.  
Grasp key products and promote structural optimization. By 2015, 12 kinds of key products bucked the trend. Key new product sales revenue accounted for 55% of main business revenue. At present, China Lucky has one leading product whose revenue is over 1 billion RMB, one over 500 million RMB and nine over 100 million RMB.
Grab optimal allocation of resources; accelerate the main business to be stronger and excellence. Leveraging the capital market, giving full play to the role of platform for listed companies, China Lucky completed the non-public offering of A shares of Lucky Film, Baoding Lucky Innovative Materials Co., Ltd success in coming into stock market, totally financing 750 million RMB. China Lucky overall asset securitization rate has increased by 10 percentage points.
Grasp quality improvement projects, support market development. Last year, China Lucky officially launched a three-year quality improvement project to enhance the quality and increase the benefit. By 2015, China Lucky quality improvement projects achieved a good start and the quality benefit achieved nearly 40 million RMB in the whole year.
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