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Lucky Innovative landed on ChiNext Board
Date:2016-05-31 Source:
Baoding Lucky Innovative Materials Co.,Ltd (“Lucky Innovative”), as part of China Lucky Group Corporation(“China Lucky”), landed on ChiNext Board (SZSE) on April 23, 2015.
Lucky Innovative is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the R&D and production of information recording materials. In 2007, Lucky Innovative has successfully developed the Whole coating thermal magnetic paper with international advanced level, this product could be used as tickets in domestic AFC system of subway, with the advantages of thermal printing information retains more than 10 years, good matching with ticket printing system, can be continuously printed 100 thousand meters, and information displayed clearly after be soaked in the boiling water of 100 for one minute, etc. Lucky Innovative is the sole thermal magnetic paper vendor, grasping core technology and producing in a large-scale. Lucky thermal magnetic paper is not only given the title “national new products” by Ministry of Science and Technology of China, has also been included in the “China’s 12th Five-Year Plan” new materials directory.
Lucky Innovative has developed into the leading enterprise of domestic information recording material industry, engaged in the field of magnetic recording materials and thermal recording materials, and occupied the whole domestic market share of thermal magnetic tickets. The other main product, Magnetic stripe, is widely used in bank card, bank passbook, business card, parking tickets, scenic spot tickets etc., also take dominate place in domestic.
Benefit from the rapid development of high-speed railway in China, Lucky Innovative has become one of the steadiest running companies of China Lucky Group; achieve operating revenue of CNY210 billion in 2014, and net profit reach to CNY77 million.
As an important member of China Lucky Group imaging and information recording business segment, the rapid growth of Lucky Innovative is a microcosm of China Lucky relying on their own core technology to the layout of the new material field to seek new development.
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