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China Lucky Group Expands into Digital Medical Industry Lucky Healthcare Co., Ltd. Incorporated
Date:2016-05-31 Source:
Lucky Healthcare Co., Ltd. (“Lucky Healthcare” hereafter), a new subsidiary of China Lucky Group Corporation (“Lucky Group” hereafter), is inaugurated at the Baoding headquarters of Lucky Group on April 16th. After years of cultivation, Lucky Group officially entered into the medical industry, and incorporated it as a part of its core business.
Lucky B&W Sensitive Material Factory (“B&W factory” hereafter), who is the predecessor of Lucky Healthcare and a subdivision of Lucky Group, was the biggest manufacture base of black and white sensitive material and medical dry film of China. China’s first motion-picture film and first black and white film were produced here. The core business of B&W factory covers medical film and its printer, industrial NDT film, black and white photographic film and special film, four categories and more than twenty types of product.
During the 12th Five-Year Plan, the business of Lucky Group was internally integrated, and the business of B&W factory was more focused on digital medical dry film. Through the competition with international gigantic players in medical imaging industry, B&W factory, as the sole medical dry film manufacturer of China, increased its sales more than tenfold during the past five years, from 270 thousand square meters in 2011 to 3 million 60 thousand square meters in 2015.
Since the incorporation, Lucky Healthcare takes a more flexible approach in expanding market share. Joint venture, partnership and strategic investor are all in our options in the expansion of medical consumables based digital medical business. Lucky Healthcare will team up with social resource and capital to expand into medical equipment and WIT120 industry in the near future.
The incorporation of Lucky Healthcare demonstrates that the medical business is more prioritized in the business of Lucky Group. “Medical business will become our fourth business sector.” Said Mr. Jingbin Hou, vice general manager of Lucky Group. Currently, the business of Lucky Group covers three sectors. Specifically, printing imaging material sector, which is featured by printing plate; high performance film sector, which is featured by optical film and backsheet of solar module; and imaging and information recording sector, which is featured by train ticket.
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