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Lucky New Material In Xiaomi TV
Date:2016-06-01 Source:
    Talking about Xiaomi, we believe it is a not stranger to us. Xiaomi cellphone, absolutely is a new favorite for people in recent years market, and marks a series of legends in smart phone market.Xiaomi Smart TV is another remarkable product following its smart phone. Do you know? There is Lucky material using in Xiaomi Smart TV. So what kind of material does Xiaomi TV use? It is Lucky light diffusion film.
    Liquid Crystal Display FPD mainly composes three parts, Liquid Crystal Module, Back Light Unit and Circuit Board, among which the Back Light Unit provides light source for the display panel, and it includes several parts such as light source, reflector, diffuser, BEF. So the Lucky diffuser is used in this Back Light Unit of Xiaomi TV, it works as a indispensable part of the BLU, refracting, reflecting and scattering the light emitting from the light source, changing a spot light source into a even plane source by light diffusion effect.
    Xiaomi is a newly arising high-tech company in this Internet plus era, has a very high quality standard for materials. Through various testings both by domestic and overseas customers, Hefei Lucky Science and Technology Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of China Lucky Group, passed the quality acceptance in May, 2014, became a approved vendor and a exclusive diffuser supplier for Xiaomi TV.At present, Hefei Lucky provides several millions square meters of diffuser for Xiaomi annually, and this could fulfill millions of TV manufacturing, also fulfill demands of millions of families for high quality smart TVs.
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