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China Lucky’s Hard-Coat Film Technology Obtained International Patent Authorization
Date:2016-07-20 Source:
    Recently, China Lucky’s patented technology “an optical hard-coat film and its manufacturing method” has been duly authorized by Japanese Patent Office. Hereto, this technology has got authorization both in China and Japan, symbolizing that China Lucky’s hard-coat film technology reaches international advanced level, and has very important significance for the improvement of domestic hard-coat film’s international influence and the expansion of international market.
    Compared with other previous technologies, this technology has obvious advantage in terms of high hardness and acid and alkali resistance, and etching ITO circuit on the hard-coat film can be realized. Through years of development and the continuous progress of technology innovation, the technology eventually obtained international patent authorization, which strengthened China Lucky as a key player in the panel display industry, and  greatly enhanced China Lucky’s international competitiveness. (Huo Xinli)
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