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Lucky’s success on the “Chinese Enterprises Patent Award List”
Date:2017-03-06 Source:
    Recently, China Patent Technology Development Corporation, a subsidiary company of the State Intellectual Property Office, has issued the “Chinese Enterprises Patent Award List”. China Lucky ranked the 28th with 6 award-winning patents among nearly 100 companies on that list.
    The award list was evaluated out after the statistics of the 1st to 17th Chinese Enterprise Patent Gold Award, Chinese Patent Excellence Award, Chinese Design Gold Award and Chinese Design Excellence Award, which are included in the patent value quantitative assessment system. The purpose of the list is to measure the contribution capacity of Chinese enterprises research and development on technological innovation, and it is an important symbol to measure the level of enterprise patent quality and technological innovation. Chinas patent award plays an important leading, demonstration and guidance role for the stimulation of enterprises innovation enthusiasm, the enhancement of enterprises independent innovation capacity, and the promotion of enterprises core competitiveness.
    As to the technological innovation, China Lucky upholds the principle of “Continuous implementation of independent innovation to provide support for strategic development”, strengthen technological innovation to support business development strategy, optimize R&D resources, build 3-levels of R&D system focus on industry orientation, to carry out level-to-level major technological breakthrough, product upgrading and stabilizing production process, etc., to form a reasonable research and development phase.
     During the "Twelfth five-year" period, Lucky’s R & D investment reached up to 3.7% of the main operating income, and Lucky carried out a series of new products and new technology development around it’s three main business areas, during which Lucky applied for a total of 291 patents, including 230 invention patents and 2 international patents; and have 167 authorized patents including 109 invention patents and 8 international authorized patents.
In the award-winning patent list, one of China Luckys invention patent "A backsheet for solar cell and its preparation method" (Patent No : ZL200710185202.8) won the 17th China Patent Gold Award, patent "an optical hard-coating film" and other five Patents won the China Patent Excellence Awards.
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