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Lucky Film Toner Printing Paper’s First Debutin CHINA PRINT 2017 Arouse Wide Concern
Date:2017-06-15 Source:
     Recently, the toner printing paper developed by Lucky Film Company Limited aroused wide concern in the CHINA PRINT 2017 (the 9th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition). This is the first debut of Lucky Film’s imaging materials in such printing exhibition.
     According to “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” signed between KONICA MINOLTA (CHINA) and Luck Film, the two sides will develop long-term cooperation in the area of toner printing image. The toner printing paper showed in the exhibition is custom-made for the bizhub PRESS C71hc digital printer of KONICA MINOLTA, which has been developed two kinds of products: double-faced matte laser printing paper and double-faced fine laser printing paper.
     Bizhub PRESS C71hc digital printer is the only one type of printer that KONICA MINOLTA produced suitable for toner printing. The toner printing paper totally possesses the good texture and excellent color rendition of traditional silver photographic paper, which can clearly restore the color and detail characteristics of portrait and scenery, thus the imaging quality is more close to the silver processed paper. The paper is scratch-resisting and water-resisting, and can be long-preserved without color-fading. Besides, the toner printing paper, with the features of high printing adaptability and fluent delivering ability, is the first choice of professional toner printing.
     The toner printing paper suitable for the “dry” printer, together with the “wet” printing paper which is suitable for the HP indigo printer, formed “dry” and “wet” the two series of printing paper, which enriches Lucky Film’s imaging materials. By far, Lucky Film can produce three types of imaging materials, including silver series products, inkjet series products, and printing series products.
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